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1 CgpQU1dCu3CAH-xHAABVZ0F1R_A0463623When the obstacle is round, irregular objects, or body, the ultrasonic dispersion reflection, so that the radar data and the actual report will have error

                                                                  The probe is installed correctly, and the range of detection is indicated.

wKjmqldCmLaAY8d-AABEK_AkpXw5310588Parked in the flat road, no obstacles, the radar does not alarm, when there are obstacles, the radar alarm. This time the radar is normal.

                                                                               When the probe is installed, the range of detection is indicated.

CgpQVFdCmMaAeI1IAABD_Mz7BpY1544230Parked in the flat road, the car, after the car without obstacles, but the radar will be detected to the ground, resulting in false positives.

                                                                                           Quick test for the good and bad of parking sensor

                                                 (all probes are universal, and the standard ABCDEFGH is only provided for easy installation.


The battery on the car, directly to the radar power.

4 probe of the product, the red line is connected to the battery positive, black negative.

6 or 8 of the probe of the product, yellow battery is connected to the positive, black negative.


Only one probe was tested at each time, and the sequence was tested.

Such as: just connect a A probe, A probe in hand to open place detection, no alarm no obstacle, normal alarm obstacle. When the A probe is normal, unplug the A probe, then connect the B probe. So......, such as the test, all of the probe are obstacles no matter the alarm, alarm obstacles, such as normal products, installed in the car, false positives, key exclusion installation wiring problem.


When the test probe in to the open place, no obstacle has alarm, we need to pay attention to rule out problems or host probe joints, the test is a good probe has been exchanged for the exclusion test, identify the problem.

                                                                     Question 1: the radar does not alarm, the monitor does not display

First to determine whether the probe surface vibration

Vibration: power supply wiring problems in the display to normal, not bad, not bad. To display and display related joint reseating. Exclusion of bad contact.

No vibration: 99% of the chance is not properly powered, 1% chance of bad host.


6 probe /8 radar attention:

Only to the red line, the radar does not work, the red line is to allow the radar to continue working for 15 seconds, yellow and white lines is the main power supply line, these two lines have electricity when the radar is working properly.

640x0View the power DC connector and the DISPLAY connector is connected to the back of the640x0 (1)Measurement of yellow and black at both ends, reversing whether there is 12V voltage

                                                                       Problem 2: no obstacles when the radar also alarm

640x0 (2)Light on the display are independent of the corresponding probe, to find the corresponding probe through the light, we targeted to exclude. When all the lights are bright, the focus of the probe installation height, angle, and whether the product is affected

1: the probe installation position is too low to detect the ground.

Rear standard installation height of about 50 cm from the ground, about 45 cm in front of the car.


2: the angle of the probe angle to the ground.

The probe surface is perpendicular to the ground, such as the tilt of the ground, can rotate the probe on the bumper, it can change the angle slightly. If the tilt angle is large, this method is not valid, so it is necessary to pay attention before installation.


3: the probe and the metal bumper resonance.

General car bumpers are made of plastic, such as the case of metal in the bumper, the diameter of the probe around a layer of rubber and Chan electrical installation, can solve this problem. (on the probe card buckle, most of the use of plastic materials, but also because of this reason.)


4: the probe is pressed too tightly and make the vibration frequency change.

From the bumper cutout pressure tight probe, with a knife light dressing hole flash after the installation can be back


5: the probe wire splicing resistance made lengthened or changes.

All through the shield wire processing, splicing lengthened or will change resistance lead to false positives.


6: the host position and probe wiring harness interference

Especially in front of the radar host, many customers will put the console on the car insurance insurance box, the box of electromagnetic interference to radar host in automobile work. Don\'t put the console on the car horn. Next to the wire harness, xenon lamp ballast, car horn, at work, will affect the radar frequency should as far as possible from this kind of electronic equipment. Don\'t harness with them together.




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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 12cm x 10cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 3.94in)
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